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The 1st International Conference on Computational Engineering and Science for Safety and Environmental Problems

Session 7D  MS1-1
Time: 13:20 - 15:20 Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Location: Room D
Chair: Yohsuke Imai (Tohoku Univ.)

7D-1 (Time: 13:20 - 13:40)
TitleNutrient Uptake in a Suspension of Model Microorganisms
Author*Takuji Ishikawa, Shunsuke Kajiki, Yohsuke Imai, Toshihiro Omori (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Pagepp. 347 - 348

7D-2 (Time: 13:40 - 14:00)
TitleCollective Dynamics of Active Particles
Author*John Jairo Molina, Ryoichi Yamamoto (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 349

7D-3 (Time: 14:00 - 14:20)
TitleAn Immersed Boundary Method for Simulating the Osmotic Swelling and Shrinking of a Liquid-Filled Capsule with Semi-Permeable Membrane
Author*Satoshi Ii, Shigeo Wada (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Pagepp. 350 - 352

7D-4 (Time: 14:20 - 14:40)
TitleShear-Induced Diffusion of Red-Blood Cell Suspension in Bounded Shear Flow
Author*Duc-Vinh Le (IHPC, Singapore)
Pagepp. 353 - 354

7D-5 (Time: 14:40 - 15:00)
TitleThree-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Ciliary Flow
Author*Raymond Quek (IHPC, Singapore), Kian Meng Lim, Keng Hwee Chiam (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore)
Pagepp. 355 - 358

7D-6 (Time: 15:00 - 15:20)
TitleTransport and Deposition in the Upper Human Airways during a Sniff
Author*Alberto M. Gambaruto, Edgar Olivares, Hadrien Calmet, Guillaume Houzeaux (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain), Alister Bates, Denis J. Doorly (Imperial College London, U.K.)
Pagepp. 359 - 360